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Sexy blonde Kandii Kiss for PeggingTrainer.com

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Kandii Kiss has a massive strap-on around her waist and she is ready to share it with a horny stallion. The hot blonde knows exactly what kind of pegging session her hunk craves for.
I have a big lubed up dick for you and I want you to imagine that this is a nice big throbbing veiny real cock. Now try to picture you giving me a blowjob like a dirty little slut that you are. Slurp up this fat salami while you are stroking your prick for me. Get from the base up to the head and back down. Think how good it would be if I was plowing your mouth with this massive tool. Does that turn you on? Does it make your love tool pulsate?
I want to bang your dirty mouth with this dildo and maybe even give you an unforgettable throat fucking. But don't stop jerking your boner. Go really fast with it. I know this is turning you on. You can even swirl both of your hands around your shaft as you are choking on this monster rod. Swallow up that big hard man meat. Jam it deep down your throat.
- Kandii Kiss

Don’t you love the thought of me inside you?

Jasmine Mendez Anal Pegging Brunette Porn Video POV Tube Strap-on Hardcore

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You're going to be getting pegged in the ass by Jasmine Mendez today. Make sure you enjoy yourself - she certainly is when your ass is wrapped around her strapon.
Hey sweetie! Yeah, I got this strapon for you, because I know how much you love the idea of getting fucked in the ass by me. I decided that I would get a rather small one so that we could build up to a big black cock for you to enjoy. Right now, let's just train you up to taking it in the butt, yeah? I think that's the best way to go about your education.
You might be new to all this, but I happen to have a lot of experience and let me tell you now: you're just going to love what I will do to your body. This strapon dildo is going to feel so incredible in your tight asshole. You'll never want any other type of adventure again once I'm all done pegging the hell out of your gorgeous rear.
- Jasmine Mendez

Are you ready for an extra deep pegging

Addie Juniper Pegging Trainer POV Brunette Pegging Porn Tube Video

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Addie Juniper has wanted to train you for quite some time with some good old fashioned ass fucking. Ready to get pegged by the mistress that dominates every aspect of your life?
We're going to do things slightly differently today, because I think you need training in how to take a big fat cock. I've got this big purple strapon as well as a hot black dildo that will be used to teach you the ways of embracing dick. You pretend that you're repulsed by the idea, but deep down inside, you know you want this.
Take this black dildo and stick it in your mouth. Suck on it like a whore and make sure you get it as wet as possible. Now, let's get you down on the floor so that I can fuck you in the ass. Open up wide and bite onto something: this isn't going to be pretty. I just hope that you don't struggle, because nothing would suck more than making me peg you harder than I already intend to.
- Addie Juniper

I want to fuck you with my big strapon

Goddess Valora

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Goddess Valora is here with a big strapon that only has one purpose: to educate you on being a pegging slut. That's right; this mistress is planning to fuck your ass.
What're you're going to do is place your lips on the head of this cock and lick it. You have to work for this cock, slave, and if I think that you're not giving it all you've got, I'll make our pegging session a lot less pleasurable. Believe me, when it comes to fucking the asses of submissive men like you, I can be a very unpleasant domina.
It's in your best interests to give the best blowjob possible. After all, we all know that once a cock is nice and lubricated, it's only destined for one place - your ass. So why don't you do yourself a favor and bend over for me. I'd like to introduce our black plastic friend here to your rear entrance. I think it's been a long time coming for this pegging session to start.
- Goddess Valora

Your ass wil beg for mercy when Im finished

Sinstress Pegging Strapon Femdom Tube Porn Video

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Sinstress has expressed a desire to see you destroyed. The way she plans to do this? Pegging you with a strapon until you beg for mercy.
You're a stupid bitch, and you need to have your mouth pulverized. Now I could get another slave to come along and do the job for me, but I think it'd be a great idea if I did it myself. That's right, I've got this big strapon and it's going to be used to penetrate both of your holes until you learn how to be a delicious cock slave.
I will make you into what I want you to be. I'm going to use you however I wish for you to be used. You are my object, and if I feel the need to punish your ass - you mark my words that I will do exactly that. There's no point getting upset about it. You know how sadistic I am, and the more you try to resist, the harder it's going to be.
- Sinstress

Let me fuck your submissive little slave ass

Addie Juniper Pegging Trainer Video Porn Tube POV Brunette Pegging Black Dildo

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Addie Juniper knows how much you're into the idea of being pegged. She got her hands on a strapon and now it's time to take it in the rear.
Look, you can pretend as much as you want that you're not interested in getting fucked by this big purple dick, but we both know that you're going to bend over and take it like a good little whore. Your mistress is going to peg you all night long and you're going to love every second of the action. Useless men like you need to have some purpose, which is why your ass is mine.
Come on, get on all fours for me and spread that ass wide open. I made sure I got a big one too - the lady at the store said that this was for advanced peggers only. I guess we're just going to have to break you in quickly. I love fucking you in the ass like the little submissive slave you are. Moan and groan for me, sissy boy.
- Addie Juniper

Are you sure you’re willing to submit?

Bailey Paige Anal Pegging Brunette Porn Video POV Tube

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This mistress has a treat for you and she sure hopes you'll enjoy it. Let me give you a clue: it involves Bailey Paige, a strapon and your ass.
Let's try something a little different today: I want to be sure that a guy like you can submit to a woman like me, and the best way to do that is for me to take that ass of yours. I love guys that are willing to bend over for a lady like me and take a strapon in the ass. I'm going to give you such a hot pegging experience - once I'm done with your ass, you'll never want anything else again.
Look at the smile on your face as I get behind you and position my strapon to be sunk deep into your asshole. You've been waiting for me to give you the pegging of a lifetime - it must feel fantastic to finally get your hands on the real deal. Moan for me baby, I want to ensure that you're loving every second of this hardcore pegging sexual adventure.
- Bailey Paige

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