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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get pegged in the ass by a busty blonde using a massive black cock? Hopefully you have, because you're going to experience it now.
Look, I've seen you look at all of those naughty websites on your computer that show men getting fucked in the ass: it only seems reasonable for us to take this step in order to educate you about what it's like. I get that you're a little worried about the size of this big black strapon, but I'm going to peg you whether you like it or not.
My advice for you is to just suck on this dick, get it nice and wet and finally, relax so that I can give you a good anal fucking. You'll submit to me in a matter of seconds once I've pumped you full of my fantastic plastic shaft. I'm your pegging trainer and I fully intend to make sure that once we're done, you're begging to get fucked in the ass at every available opportunity.
- Summer Day Monroe

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Alexis Grace has a nice surprise for you today. Let me give you a hint: it's long, thick, made of plastic and going to go into your tight asshole.
Hello there slave boy. It's your mistress Alexis Grace and today we're going to give you a nice lesson in how to worship big black strapons. I know that you've waited for the chance to get pegged for quite some time, and now the moment has finally arrived where I'm going to give you every single inch of rock hard plastic as deep as I can in that tight butt of yours.
You know that you just want to get busted open by this fantastic dildo, don't you? Well I've got an extra special treat: instead of just one, I've got two. That means that I can either cram your ass with two of these pegging devices or stick one in your mouth to muffle the moans as I bang that cute butt of yours. What do you think is the best solution? I'll let you pick, you pegging freak.
- Alexis Grace

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Mandy Candy knows that you're capable of doing anything that you're told by a powerful woman. As such, she's going to destroy your ass with a big black dildo.
Let's stop beating around the bush, slave boy. You're an obedient whore that wants nothing more than to take a big cock in your ass. Being pegged by a mistress is your fantasy, isn't it? Getting this huge piece of plastic deep in your ass, pushing as hard as it can go. I bet you imagine it's the real thing too!
Bend over and stretch that ass open for me. I was thinking about letting you lick it up first to get it lubricated, but going in dry to that ass might be a lot more enjoyable. What you've got to remember is that when I'm armed with a strapon, I'm the one that's in charge and calling the shots. Try to resist and it'll be a lot harder for you to enjoy our pegging sessions.
- Mandy Candy

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Training your ass into submission hasn't been easy for this mistress, but she's finally about to have her way with your ass - literally.
How about we stop beating around the bush and just admit that I'm in charge when it comes to the bedroom experience. You can wax lyrical about how tough you are, but the simple fact is I'm your mistress and you would do anything I told you to. In fact, we're going to prove that today. I've got a strapon and I'm really not afraid to use it.
Prepare your ass for the invasion of a lifetime. I'm not about to be beaten by some guy that can easily be turned into the sissy slut of my dreams. Your asshole is due for a fucking and this dominatrix right here is the one to do it. How great does it feel to have someone pummel your tight hole into submission like this? You must feel pretty feminine getting pegged in the butt!

We have an experience of a lifetime for you boy

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A couple of mistresses are looking to give you a lesson in pegging. I'm not sure you're going to be able to handle the violation these girls dish out.
Stop talking for a second - Sahrye and I have a little experience lined up for you today that is going to make us super happy. Yeah, it's going to involve these two big strapons - is that a problem? Well whether it is or it isn't, your tight butt is going to be treated to some serious anal attention. We're going to spitroast the hell out of you and fulfill that pegging fantasy you've always had.
There's no point trying to contain that smile: you're addicted to the idea of us two going to town on your ass, and now it's finally time for the action to get underway. Get naked for us and let's start you on a very unique dildo enjoyment journey. It's been a long time coming and you're finally about to have a mistress pegging like never before.
- Jade Indica & Enchantress Sahrye

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Pegging Trainer Porn Black Dildo Pegging Tube Blonde Video Oral Pegging Anal Pegging

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You've wanted this fantasy to become a reality for such a long time. Now is your moment: are you ready to get pegged by a beautiful blonde dominatrix?
Come on over to the bed and lay down for me. I want you to worship this big black cock like your life depends on it. Work that shaft with your mouth and get it all nice and wet for me. Remember that this is going to be inside you in a second, so ensure that you get as much saliva on it for lubrication. You certainly don't want me to peg you dry!
Okay, now turn around and show me that little ass of yours. Oh my, I bet you've never even had so much as a finger inside your butt before. That beautiful rear should be up in the air and begging for my big strapon. Now beg like a little slut until I finally decide that you're allowed to accept my big fat cock inside your stupid pathetic ass.

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Ashley Sinclair Anal Pegging Brunette Porn Threesome POV Video Tube Strap-on Hardcore

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Ashley Sinclair's philosophy when it comes to guys that want to be pegged is to give them exactly what they want. That means your ass is going to get fucked.
I know how much you love the idea of getting fucked in the ass by a girl with a strapon, so I thought to myself - why not go ahead and use his credit card to buy him one? This fantastic piece of plastic is designed to go as deep into your ass as possible. We can also switch out the attachments if you want to feel something a little different. Or, if you prefer, we can stuff that mouth of yours with thick dildo.
Do be a favor and start to suck this dick. Get it nice and lubed up: when it goes into your asshole, you'll feel incredible. Pegging is a unique experience that few guys open themselves up for, but I can already see just how keen you are to get anally destroyed by my massive strapon friend here.
- Ashley Sinclair

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